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Eyewear brand The ‘IRRESISTOR’ official debut ‘ZEIT VON PARABOLA’ denotes 2018S/S theme; ‘PARABOLA’s time dimension accompanied with blended soul.

Berlin based renowned DJs & musicians collaborated to make special sound track ‘SINUSOIDAL APPROACH’ to play at the launching event. Each and every musicians’ intrinsic PARABOLA sound waves come together to produce and remix extraordinary characteristics.

The IRRESISTOR’s 18/SS new eyewear is displayed with ‘CONVEY OBJECT’ collaborated with DA creative group at the APARTMENT BERLIN. From 3/1/18 to 3/4/18 ‘ZEIT VON PARABOLA’ is filled with 6 of fabulous musician performances and IRRESISTOR eyewear’s blended soul is waiting for you.

  • 1st. March (Thu)
    • 6 – 9 PM – PREVIEW OPENING PARTY  – *Invitation only
      • 6 – 7 PM | Tunez | Dj Femalemacho
      • 7:30 – 7:50 PM | Vocal | ROX
      • 8 – 9 PM | Tunez | Dj Femalemacho
  • 2nd. March (Fri)
    • 12 – 10 PM – IRRESISTOR Popup Store 
      • 6 – 8 PM | Tunez | Kepler
      • 8 – 10 PM | Live Act | Dirty Basscore
  • 3rd. March (Sat)
    • 12 – 10 PM – IRRESISTOR Popup Store 
      • 6 – 8 PM | Vocal | Dena
      • 8 – 10 PM | Tunez | Dj Dmitry (Deee-Lite)
  • 4th. March (Sun)
    • 12 – 6 PM – IRRESISTOR Popup Store
      • 3 – 5 PM | Tunez | Dj Femalemacho

Contact: Project manager_J(email: / mobile: +49(0)176 6401 0208)

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Basically, Irresistor pursues futuristic modern style in the sense of silhouettes and patterns. STARDUST has brand-new futuristic polygonal silhouettic features with the combination of multi-dot patterned temples that look drastically minimal and avant-garde.

Especially, our new idea of the fastening structure which is composed of backside screws on the one piece lens and a small metal piece in the junction between the left and right rims, can give the frame multifunctional elements.

Stardust is the afterimage of the past that forms the root of the cosmogenesis and the futuristic keyword including the dream of the humankind forward the space at the same time. This model shows very geometric and futuristic inspirations with its silhouettes and 2-curved flat wide one piece lens and the Dot pattern in the temple to enhance the texture.

Excellent Product Design
Lifestyle and Fashion

JUUC International Co. Ltd. / Jin-Hyun Park

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Based on the fast and smart mobility in the features of BIKER, it’s intended to dissolve the spectacular vibes exploring the world into the silhouette.

BIKER is also devised to consider the product structure which satisfies two factors. One is Stability – suitable weightiness and grip feeling – needed to ride motorcycle with wearing BIKER actually. And the other is Safety needed to secure the undistorted clean vision with applying zero base curve lenses.

Especially, the frame shape of BIKER blended with aviator style and goggle style of bike, and the silhouette of BIKER follows the typical form of motorcycle overall can enhance the intensiveness of image and express the identity of the theme artistically, which is expected to stimulate real BIKERS’ taste.

And also in temple skin, conjugating the centrifuge pattern inside the spacecraft in Kubrick’s “Space Odyssey” as a key pattern in SS17 collection of IRRESISTOR, BIKER has more avant-garde soul.

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Convergence : the creation of innovative values via convergence.Generally, convergence means to combine the different elements and attempt a new one above the limit. The DNA of irresistor is to create brand new innovative and practical values. The brand makes its collections something different and leads a futuristic trend based on a great variety of research and development.
Conceptualization : reinterpretation and conversion of the viewpoint.IRRESISTOR does not only design but means to interpret and satisfy the customer’s needs. Breaking away from the common ideas, we reinterpret the original ideas and forms.
Styledge : Style + cutting edge = NU knowledge of style
IRRESISTOR’s design identity from convergence and conceptualization is to suggest various and creative ‘style agenda’, throughout fashion, design industry and lifestyle under the key trait of futuristic modernism.With the concept of ‘blended soul’ we reinterpret the history, culture and lifestyle from a different point of view and that is IRRESISTOR’s philosophy.

The Collection
Our collection of this season wants to implement a strikingly eye-catching silhouette in the distance, with the combination of multi-layered color mirror lenses, in order to express a rather romantic emotion of the future instead of a gloomy and uneasy one.
We named this collection after the word ‘kraft rewerk’, which means the rework of craft. But since our design philosophy is the reinterpretation and conversion of the different viewpoints, we changed the ‘rework’ to ‘new work’.
So we came up with this new word ‘kraftnuwerk” meaning new work of craft. Based on this theme, we have developed the collection with the fresh new design and the cutting edge technology.

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IRRESISTOR was launched at Silmo 2014 and is based in Seoul, Korea.
The name is the combined word of the prefix ‘IR’ and ‘RESIST’, which means IRRESISTIBLE CREATION. It is an innovative leading brand, which realizes the futuristic green technology that breaks the conventional ideas and forms of eyewear.
We hope to show the real physical creation with practical and attractive design not by massive and inflated PR/marketing, but by performing convergence in every branch of human endeavor.
Inspirations: IRRESISTOR breaks away from the common ideas.
With the various genres such as fashion, music, and entertainment we designed this brand and created the collection. Korean traditional sundial, pop stars that are global icons, beautiful LED lights, big city’s club cultures, and 70’s trend, low-key luxury are all the elements that inspired us.

Basically, IRRESISTOR’s most important theme is Futuristic Modernism in the sense of silhouette and pattern.
We have planned and produced the SPACE AGE as wearable devices which are coming close to being a part of our life.
Under the concept of Blended Soul, we reinterpret the past creative products, historical achievements and the inherent properties, which leads to the creation of novel design.
Opening the 2016 S/S collection as the sophomore collection, we’re going to show more specific shapes and components of IRRESISTOR to forward the futuristic metaphor.
So, each silhouette of this new collection was named from the keywords around the coming technological trends and sentiments we envisage for the future, such as Stardust, Astro Girl, Drone, Lambda, Eco, Solar, Morae, etc.
The iconic model in the coming season, Stardust, has the brand new futuristic polygonal silhouette feature with the combination of multi dot patterned temples that looks drastically minimal and avant-garde.
As in Stardust, in all the new models, we concentrated on the futuristic minimalism in style based on our DNA.
So, we implemented neat and a very apparent eye-catching contour in the distance with the combination of multi layered color mirror tint lenses in order to express a rather romantic emotion of the future instead of a gloomy and uneasy one.