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Convergence : the creation of innovative values via convergence.Generally, convergence means to combine the different elements and attempt a new one above the limit. The DNA of irresistor is to create brand new innovative and practical values. The brand makes its collections something different and leads a futuristic trend based on a great variety of research and development.
Conceptualization : reinterpretation and conversion of the viewpoint.IRRESISTOR does not only design but means to interpret and satisfy the customer’s needs. Breaking away from the common ideas, we reinterpret the original ideas and forms.
Styledge : Style + cutting edge = NU knowledge of style
IRRESISTOR’s design identity from convergence and conceptualization is to suggest various and creative ‘style agenda’, throughout fashion, design industry and lifestyle under the key trait of futuristic modernism.With the concept of ‘blended soul’ we reinterpret the history, culture and lifestyle from a different point of view and that is IRRESISTOR’s philosophy.

The Collection
Our collection of this season wants to implement a strikingly eye-catching silhouette in the distance, with the combination of multi-layered color mirror lenses, in order to express a rather romantic emotion of the future instead of a gloomy and uneasy one.
We named this collection after the word ‘kraft rewerk’, which means the rework of craft. But since our design philosophy is the reinterpretation and conversion of the different viewpoints, we changed the ‘rework’ to ‘new work’.
So we came up with this new word ‘kraftnuwerk” meaning new work of craft. Based on this theme, we have developed the collection with the fresh new design and the cutting edge technology.

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