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While ‘Made in Korea’ products in the world are continuing to propagate, it is eye-catching because it is the first eyewear company in the world to achieve the achievement of the 2014 SILMO optics exhibition in the world’s largest Glasses and Optics Fair 2014.

SUPER Sunglasses import distributor The new brand Iruzister (www.irresistor.com) launched by Juke International in 2014 exhibited ‘POPSTAR (pop star)’ in 2014 SILMO held in Paris from 26th to 29th September in Paris .

The SILMO Gold Award, which the irresistor entered into the finals, is a prestigious award to select promising sunglasses and eyewear brands that will lead the trend next year. The nominated pop star blended the unique sensibilities and popularity of famous pop stars such as Madonna, David Bowie and Lady Gaga.

The frame combines the metal trim to create a bold feel with a real round eye shape. The color of the metal trim also adds a distinctive personality by adding neon red and yellow color.

Park Jin-hyeon, CEO of Juk International, said, “It is very exciting to be nominated for the gold prize at the global fair for the first time in Korea,” he said. “I was able to confirm that Korea’s eyewear has reached a level where it can compete with the world.”

Meanwhile, SPACE AGE (Space Age), a wearable device that combines IT with glasses with pop stars, attracted great interest from media and field workers.

Space Age, which was born from the unique proposition of ‘Meeting Light and Eyewear’, features a total of 256 colors using smartphone apps and can be used according to user’s personal preference. Space Age, which was designed with the craze of wearable devices, which is represented by Google Glass, was created with priority given to non-IT wear.

“Space Age is a product that is exciting to introduce future-oriented technology to break the conventional wisdom,” said a company official. “Recently, with the advent of wearable devices such as Google Glass.

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